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Table of contents
Table of contents
Monocrystalline d2iamond tools
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Introduction to the world of ultra-hard cutting materials
Cutting material groups
Selecting a cutting material
Cutting edge and selecting cutting edge geometry
Durability comparison PCD vs. CVD
General cutting data for milling and turning
Selecting cutting data when turning and milling
Flank wear of diamond cutting materials
Wiper geometries
ISO-codes for indexable inserts
Chip breakers: geometries and cutting data
Introduction to diamond turning, milling and drilling tools
Standard diamond tools
Standard diamond tools for polish turning
Diamond turning tools for the optical industry
Fly cutting tools for the optical industry
Cutting diamonds for manufacturing wedding rings on Benzinger lathes
Standard diamond milling tools
• Minicutters with and without transverse radius
• Diamond engraving milling cutter
• Diamond radius cutters
• Diamond end mill cutters/MCD end mill cutters
Recommended cutting data for diamond milling tools
Standard diamond milling tools for the watchmaking industry
• Single-tooth cutters
• Face cutters
Diamond tools – special designs
Designs of diamond turning tools
Designs of diamond milling tools
Holders for diamond turning, milling and drilling tools
Milling heads
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