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What can the customer expect of us?

Support in the development of appropriate tools
Most of these diamond tools are manufactured according to customer specifications using technical drawings. If the customer does not have a drawing, we would be pleased to produce a manufacturing drawing based on a sketch free of charge. We use Solid Works CAD software to do this. We can use this to present tools in a 3D animation.

Selection of diamonds
We used only homogeneously crystallized rough diamonds.

Sufficient “sharpening reserve” in the holder
Frequent sharpening can only be guaranteed if most of the diamond is in the holder.

Profiles and radii in tight tolerance range thanks to in-house developed grinding machines
Thanks to precision grinding machines developed in-house

Cutting edges polished to a mirror finish
Thanks to the grinding machines we developed ourselves with optimal quiet running, we are able to achieve the finest, absolutely notch-free cutting edges.

Sharpening service
Valuable diamond tools have to be sharpened. The Meyco and Wirz sharpening service offers the following:

  • Examination of damaged tool cutting edges under the microscope
  • Preparing a quotation on request
  • Sharpening diamond cutting edges
  • Checking the fitting and holder
  • Practical testing in a lathe or milling machine
  • Checking all cutting angles and recording on file

We would also be happy to provide this service for tools made by other manufacturers.

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