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DiaTec GmbH
The Meyco Diamantwerkzeug Group enjoys long-standing experience in the manufacture of a wide range of differ- ent diamond tools and other diamond products.
DiaTec GmbH in Pforzheim, Germany is part of the Meyco Diamantwerkzeug Group and was founded in Septem- ber 2008. Together with trained specialist personnel,
two new manufacturing facilities have been constructed in Pforzheim and Idar Oberstein for the production of diamond, PCD, CBN, CVD and carbide tools. Today, the latest erosion, laser, measurement and grinding technolo- gies facilitate the production of chip removal tools of the highest quality.
The following branches of industry currently use DiaTec tools successfully:
• Aerospace
• Automotive industry
• Electrical industry
• Precision mechanical industry
• Plastics processing industry (acrylic, PMMA, PTEF, etc.)
• Medical engineering
• Optical industry (metallic lacquer finishes, laser optics,
lighting technology, solar technology, spectacle lenses,
intraocular lenses, contact lenses)
• Jewellery and watchmaking industry, as well as writing
Customers have one point of contact, but have access to the specialties of two companies.
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